Susan Slaughter

SAS Hits the Big Time

In Everything, SAS on May 20, 2011 at 4:16 pm

Recently, my mother handed me a copy of the May 2011 issue of Reader’s Digest magazine.  Now, Reader’s Digest is not a magazine that I ordinarily read (though I confess to being a fan of its monthly Word Power vocabulary quiz), but this particular issue holds special interest.  The article, Best of America, says that it is a “celebration of all that’s right and good in America.”  What’s right and good in America?  Well, it turns out that SAS Institute is.

A two-page spread honors SAS Institute as the Best Place to Work thanks to being ranked number one by Fortune magazine two years in a row.  Being mentioned in Reader’s Digest may not be as glamorous as being mentioned in Fortune or Economist magazine, but it’s a whole lot more noteworthy.  It represents a new level of attention for SAS products–and that can only be good for the prospects of SAS programmers.

What’s next: People magazine, Vanity Fair, Vogue?

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