Susan Slaughter

SAS Links

SAS Game

Sasensei  A great site for people who want to learn SAS, or learn more SAS, or just love testing their knowledge of SAS. This is a FREE gamefied SAS quiz.

Graphics  Great example of the use of graphics by an organization devoted to promoting factfulness.

I Love Charts  A site where graphics and comedy collide.


Seeing Theory  A visual introduction to the concepts behind probability and statistics.

SAS Resources

Find any SAS paper Lex Jansen created this site with links to virtually every paper ever presented at a SAS users group conference.  (It appears that his parents were remarkably prescient. The word lexis, in Greek, means word or speech.)

The SAS Dummy Chris Hemedinger writes blogs on topics of interest to SAS programmers and SAS point-and-clickers, written by Chris Hemedinger, manager of SAS Online Communities and co-author of the book SAS for Dummies.

Leonid Batkhan Leonid Batkhan writes blogs with technical tips and tricks for SAS programmers, mostly aimed at advanced programmers, but still manages to be accessible to beginners.

AnnMaria De Mars’ Blog An incomparable blog by the incomparable Dr. AnnMaria De Mars about SAS, running a tech startup, teaching kids, and statistics with reflections on life thrown in for good measure.

SAS Institute’s video portal

SAS Support Communities

SAS Global Forum

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